17 Must See Cities For Your First Time in Europe

London skyline with river in foreground, one of the must see cities for first time in Europe

Narrowing down the must see cities for your first time in Europe is a daunting task. In a sprawling continent full of grand cathedrals, romantic cityscapes, and decadent dishes, how do you choose where to go?

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Visiting Amsterdam in Spring: 7 Bucket List Experiences

Pink tulip baskets by black door spotted while visiting Amsterdam in spring

Summer is when most cities shine their brightest, but for Amsterdam the spring season takes the crown. After a dreary winter, Amsterdam comes alive with flowers in the parks, sunshine in the skies, and boats along the canals. Visiting Amsterdam in spring is an enchanting, colorful experience that belongs on every traveler’s bucket list.

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Berlin off the Beaten Path: 13 Unique Places to Visit

Aerial view of market in Berlin off the beaten path

Berlin is on nearly everyone’s list when traveling to Germany. And given the city’s history, art, and feel-good, hip vibe, it’s easy to see why. While places like East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, and Check-Point Charlie draw the biggest crowds, there are also tons of fantastic things to do in Berlin off the beaten path.

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2 Days in Venice Itinerary: Highlights and Hidden Gems

Best view over the Grand Canal and buildings in this 2 days in Venice itinerary

Do you fantasize about visiting Venice, but worry it will be an over-touristed nightmare instead of a dream? I had the same fear when crafting my 2 days in Venice itinerary. People have been waxing poetic about Italy’s floating city for centuries. But does it actually live up to the hype?

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18 Non Touristy Things to do in Paris

Exploring Latin Quarter cafes is one of the best non touristy things to do in Paris

There is so much more to the City of Light than the Eiffel Tower and éclairs. Whether you’re looking to escape the crowds, or simply want to see a different side of the city, this list of non touristy things to do in Paris will inspire you to get off the beaten path.

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One Day in Ravenna: Italy’s Mosaic City

One day in Ravenna - busy town square with purple flowers and clock tower

Anyone interested in ancient art, history, or beautiful tile work needs to spend one day in Ravenna. This charming Italian town near the Adriatic Sea was once the capital of the Roman empire, and it’s best known for its incredibly well-preserved mosaics.

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Christmas Markets in Germany by Train: A Complete Itinerary

Cologne Cathedral and Christmas markets in Germany by train

If you want a major dose of holiday cheer in December, head to Germany’s Christmas markets. Warm spiced cider, inviting wooden chalets, and twinkling lights will surely ward off your winter blues. And thanks to the country’s excellent public transit system, visiting Christmas markets in Germany by train is easy and efficient.

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3 Days in Bologna Itinerary: Highlights and Hidden Gems

3 days in Bologna itinerary - view of alley with mopeds and yellow orange walls

Did you know that it’s possible to enjoy a trip to Italy without going to Rome or Florence? Admittedly, I was nervous about skipping the more popular cities to spend 3 days in Bologna. But I quickly realized that Bologna offers the best of the Italian experience without the crowds or touristy gimmicks.

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Bologna Sightseeing: 17 Places You Must Visit

Bologna Sightseeing at the Piazza Maggiore at sunrise with one cyclist

Bologna may be Italy’s culinary capital, but this city has more to offer than heaping plates of pasta. If you can squeeze in some Bologna sightseeing between meals, you’ll be richly rewarded.

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30 Best Winter City Breaks in Europe

Strasbourg street decorated with Christmas lights, one of the best winter city breaks in Europe

From festive holiday markets to off-season prices, winter is a fantastic time to travel Europe. Whether you’re after a refreshing ski holiday or a crowd-free visit to a popular city, this list of the best winter city breaks in Europe has got you covered.

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