One Day in Stockholm: Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

One Day in Stockholm Itinerary

When you hear the word “Sweden”, what comes to mind? Meatballs? IKEA? The lyrics from “Dancing Queen”? Although you can find all of these things in Stockholm, this city has far more to offer.¬†Between its unique museums, gorgeous photo spots, and relaxed atmosphere, spending at least one day in Stockholm is a must for anyone visiting Scandinavia.

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9 Gorgeous Stockholm Photo Spots You Must See

Yellow, blue, and red wood houses on cobblestone street, one of the best Stockholm photo spots

Spread across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is full of visual delights. Its candy-colored buildings and waterfront views make it one of the best European cities for photography lovers. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just looking for some lovely views around the city, these gorgeous Stockholm photo spots are sure to please. You can even work these Stockholm photography spots into your itinerary for one day in Stockholm.

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